Hey, Welcome, I am Jing Lin 林静, Solution Architect at F5.

Over 10 years experience to Application Service and Delivery. Familiar to Loadbalance realm. An advocate of Cloud native. Cloud, Service Mesh, Kubernetes, PaaS, Envoy, NGINX are my attention. Check my technology blogs https://myf5.net

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Dont set wrong port in Gateway.

How to understand envoy, compare to F5/NGINX.

How istio manipulates the traffic.


Good self learning ability, balance on infrastructure and applications. So this is dynamic rate.

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New finance, new applications, new delivery

This is an offline talk at Devopsday event. Talk about several possible API patterns.

Talk about How does nginx help you on API-M.


These just represnt past. Keep passion to new.


CNCF Certified Kuberntes Administrator. ID: CKA-1800-0664-0100

F5 CSE Security

The first F5 Certified Solution Expert(401) in China. ID: F50000032615


ID: JPR27251


ID: CSCO10934966




ID: CA184633514

Recent Publications

Some publications i have recently published

What’s right direction for ADN evolution during the dramatic market change? Lots of different noises and arguments are arising.

What’s right direction for ADN evolution during the dramatic market change? Lots of different noises and arguments are arising.




Solution Architect


Oct 2019 – Present BeiJing
F5 is moving to software world to adapt to cloud native era. Innovate solutions for new market of F5. This include API, Micro gateway, Ingress controller, Service Mesh, Observability,for modern application architecture and PaaS.

Specialist Systems Engineer


Oct 2017 – Oct 2019 BeiJing
  • Lead solution innovation for BFSI. Research the trend of the filed.
  • According company strategy, design and drive new solution, like L4/L7 separation, Modern LB, PaaS integration, Devops pipeline integration.
  • Manage SE innovation lab, Demo and PoC for new solution.
  • Evangelist of new technology of the work field, like Cloud Native ADC, Service Mesh.
  • ICBC and CEB presales engineer.

Consultant (APAC)


Apr 2013 – Oct 2017 BeiJing
  • As Professional Service member, providing high quality service to customers. Include architecture design, consulting, implementation. Design new generation DNS architecture, and has been become the standard for banking customers.
  • Provide valued workshop for customers, focus on technical detail and deep diving to F5 products. The customers include ICBC, ABC, CCB, CMB, BOC, PingAn, BoComm, etc.
  • Help customers on building F5 automatic operation.
  • Help customers finding system issues and provide improvement suggestions.
  • Facilitate China consulting service selling by conducting workshop sessions like: LTM deep dive, Troubleshooting serials, GTM, ASM, iRule, SSL Everywhere etc.
  • Create and manage SOW, detailed project plan for customers. Provide correct and accurate proposal to customers.
  • Engagements timelines management, act as contact center for customers/product sales/service sales. Make sure projects to be delivered successfully in time.

Enterprise Network Engineer


Jun 2011 – Apr 2013 BeiJing
  • As mentor, Help NSE on cases/SR troubleshooting. Answer NSE/FCE technical inquiry. Build training material/session for NSE/FCE.
  • Own and handle escalation cases/SR for F5 LTM LC GTM WA ASM product line.
  • Create and test idea case/ID for askf5 knowledge base.
  • As SRT(Security Response Team) member review and mentor security incident.
  • Work with PD for escalation cases/SR and bug test/report.
  • Interviewer of FCE/NSE candidate.

Field Customer Engineer


Dec 2009 – Jun 2011 BeiJing
  • Provide remote technical assistance to customer. Handle LTM, GTM, WA, ASM cases through email or phone. Complete the other objects that assigned by manager.
  • Served as China team’s primary onsite engineer for major accounts. Get good satisfaction and positive feedback from customers.
  • Mentor new FCE.
  • Handle complicated cases of China and ensure high customer satisfaction.
  • Construct BeiJing support center lab, Maintain lab devices.

Network Engineer

Digital China

Feb 2007 – Dec 2009 XI'AN & BeiJing
  • As a Field Service Engineer, providing F5 support for the largest banking customer China: Industrial & Commercial Bank of China and Agricultural Bank of China.
  • Responsibility include: providing LTM, WA, GTM, 3DNS products support, handling system operation related issues.
  • Assist F5 engineers in dealing with critical technical problems, and provide service and support for ICBC in tandem with F5 TAM.
  • Responsible for the network maintenance of the company’s remote branches and various data centers.
  • Participated in planning and Construction of the ITO Network System of banks; Provide solution to the Bank of East Asia, Morgan Stanley Bank (China), Fiserv (Singapore), Misys (UK), Ningxia Rural Credit Cooperatives, Ji’nan Commercial Bank, Shenzhen Agriculture Bank and Commercial Bank, etc on various network development/interconnection; Design the core network for the credit card systems of Ningxia Rural Credit Cooperatives; Was core network engineer of the datacenter.
  • Complete the Access Authentication Project (Windows Domain & 802.1X), VPN Access Unified Authentication Project, system unified monitoring project (Phase I and II), Disaster DC Project (Network Part). Redesign the outbound traffic with F5, implement SSL VPN, provide F5 Local Traffic Manager technical support for development team, Provide consulting service on the integration of self-applications with F5.
  • Participate in ISO 20000, 27001 Authentication Process. Responsible for the network maintenance and IDC Routing/Switching/F5/Firewall/Remote Access Service. Worked on different Cisco related equipment such as CISCO 29xx、35xx、28xx、72xx、45xx、65xx、PIX 525、ASA 5520.


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