What,Why,How and Demos. Understand Gateway API from this session.

SLB technology and trends

SLB technology and trends in the financial industry

F5 accelerate IO innovation

How F5 solutions help you to build cloud native better.

The evolution of K8s Ingress gateway API

Understand the issue of current ingress, knowing the new gateway API for ingress

Integration of PaaS and infrastructure (F5 and Kube-OVN joint solution introduction)

ingress,egress solution for PaaS

Devops drives the financial industry to accelerate innovation

New finance, new applications, new delivery

Deployment Patterns for API Gateways

This is an offline talk at Devopsday event. Talk about several possible API patterns.

API deployment, security and management

Talk about How does nginx help you on API-M.

SSL every where

SSL deep dive.