The evolution of K8s Ingress gateway API


In the container era, the development of Kubernetes technology can be said to be changing with each passing day, and the development of ingress technology, which is strongly related to Nginx, has also undergone major changes. Recently, Kubernetes officials once again proposed the concept of Gateway API , which coincides with the technical products created by N itself. In order to further enhance developers’ understanding of Ingress API technology and accelerate the application of k8s , this online event will focus on the evolution of Ingress technology and analyze the logic and design principles behind the technology ecology.

Ingress technology principle

Ingress technology development and evolution * Ingress technology development process * kube-con— The starting point for Ingress to enter the fast lane * Changes and updates introduced in Ingress V1 GA * Detailed analysis of the evolution of Ingress technology

The current situation behind the development of Ingress * The trend of the times that promotes the development of Ingress technology * Ingress alternatives and irreplaceable lines

CSDN broadcast room
Ingress Egress feature